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A Short QB Conversation

March 5, 2013 Leave a comment

This week I misread an assignment I got and started writing for it. I was made aware of my mistake before I got too far, but here is what I briefly came up with:

Joe Flacco: Wait for it…

Tom Brady: Here we go.

Matt Ryan: Dude—

Flacco: ELITE!!

Ryan: Come on. You were lucky, and you know it.

Flacco: Lucky? You finally won a playoff game, congrats Matty Light.

Brady: Good one, Unibrow. Did you come up with that insult at the Motel 6 you stayed at for Disney?

Flacco: Ha, ha, very funny. They don’t have Motel 6’s at Euro Disney.

Peyton Manning: Might as well call you Rahim Moore, that should’ve been me beating the snot out of the 49ers.

Brock Osweiler: Hey, Mr. Manning, I took care of that “business” you asked me to do. Nobody will ever know what happened to Moo—

Manning: Not now, numbnuts. How many times do I have to tell you not to bother me in public?

Luck: You realize you have just as many championships as Flacco, right?

Manning: … I will cut you, you usurping son of a—

Tony Romo: Hey guys! Phew, that round of golf was exhausting. Shot a 68. Beat that, suckers.

Brady: Hey, Happy Gilmore, this is a conversation for football players.

Flacco: Trying to figure out to do with all this cash. Thinking about finally upgrading to a new VCR, maybe paying for some basic cable.

Adrian Peterson: Anyone got an orange peanut? I’M OUT, MAN, NEED MY FIX!

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